Artistic and Customized Welding in Denver and Wheatridge

We are a team of experienced and professional welders in Weatridge and Denver, Colorado. Trust us to bring back to life your hand railing or repair a fire pit cover. And if it’s something you need us to do exclusively to do for you, we’ve got just the team to get it done. We make custom designs and offer customized welding solutions to people in Wheatridge looking for something extraordinary and unique on their plates.

We’re particularly known for our artistic welding services, and our welders with their years of experience have established themselves as the go-to metal sculpting artists in Wheatridge. No matter what you dream of, we can help bring it to life by molding metal in all the right places. One of our specialties is a metal life-sized horse sculpture!

Capture your dreams forever in steel. Artist, Dwayne Cranford, has an eye for sculpting combined with his welding skills, Dwayne can sculpt virtually anything. 

 Origami Elk Sculpture commissioned by the Colorado Parks & Wildlife Department.



Aluminum Elk Sculpture before the artistic wrap is applied. 


Origami 10 foot Trout commissioned by the Colorado Parks & Wildlife Department. 


Seahorse Sculpture
V-Twin Sculpture
Screamin Eagle
Blue Heron Sculpture

Ammonite Sculpture

Ammonite Detail



Fishing Fly

Saddle Table

Arrow Table