Denver-Based Steel Horse Sculpture Artist

What do you get when you combine raw artistic talent and years of professional expertise in the welding arena? You get Dwayne Cranford, a creative genius who can breathe life into metal and make them neigh—because if it’s a horse sculpture artist you need, you’ve come to the right place. And we don’t just make tiny horse sculptures: here, you get the real deal. Life-sized horse sculptures and every kind of customized sculpture that you can think of—Dwayne will weld it to life and perfection.

We provide plain old welding services and other exclusive services such as making gates and hand railings, repair work, and more. However, if it’s a glorious, shining metal sculpture that you’re after, you won’t get a better deal than Metal 2 Sculpture. Our experience and practice in the field makes us no stranger to any welding task that you throw at us!

Rusty in the Badlands
Rusty in the Badlands

11 feet tall
Welded 1/8″ Steel
Custom orders for horses can be done in steel which will rust over time to a beautiful rustic brown color.  Dwayne can recreate any horse in any stance, please contact us for pricing on custom orders.


8.5 feet tall Steel Sculpture 1/8″ thick welded steel, finished in a clear powder coat.



Life-sized horse sculptures on the road at Twin Rocks Cafe, in Bluff, UT.
Life-sized horse sculptures on the road at Twin Rocks Cafe, in Bluff, UT.



7 foot Steel Horse Head Sculpture. The mane is stainless steel, the horse head and stand is mild steel with a farm plow disc base. Eyes are polished marble. One-of-a-kind sculpture.